Beyond Space and Time

10 Dec 14 - O'Donoghue/Ross


The obvious apparent - that all people are not the same - is something which we take for granted without wondering at such diversity in nature. The leaves of trees and flakes of snow share this incredible range of variety, and if we consider it we begin to realise that mass production in nature does not really exist.

There are no carbon copies – even in cases of identical twin studies.

With so many individual opinions it is equally amazing that we can conceptually share anything – yet all people seem to have the same links to a universal unconscious. This is the world of archetypes and synchronicities which Carl Jung so powerfully unveiled.

For me art which reflected the structures of this invisible world has always been the most interesting.

The visual arts are the most powerful human tool which defines us. Birds are more musical and cetaceans more social and so on and so on, but humans are undeniably the most creative in the realm of storytelling in pictures.

‘We have art in order not to perish of truth’ wrote Nietzsche.

The high art of painting is forever moving and exploring the latest trends, never more so than now.

Purely conceptual art involves the actual object (the Urinal School) or a depiction of the actual object (the related Soup Can School). The abstract realm of painting either follows the Cubistic school of Cezanne’s inspired geometrical reductionism or the flare of the gestural fortuitousness of Jackson Pollock.

Art in all forms is valid - but art which does not over focus its intentions is best of all for me.

In my work I have come to combine the freedom of spontaneity with the vigour of carelessness to depict hybrids of the mind – the figurative symbolic and the psychology of the Mysterium Tremendum. My work is about Time and Existence – yet it is concerned with things which are Beyond Time and Space.

My belief is that human consciousness is a manifestation of Cosmic Law and art which makes you think about that is both enlightening and disturbing.


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